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>Lord Zilch) ( <thedavid> wrote:
>It would seem that this "pale-Gentile bunch" are a bit more objective
>than others, seeking only a level playingfield, while others have a
>vested interest in special programs.

Given the history of this "pale-Gentile bunch," your generalization isn't
very believable.

>>If you're out to prove you're (relatively?) "not too bright" please
>>consider you've done so quite conclusively. Now shut the hell up!
>>DAVID, White-Nigger-At-Large
>Again, you overlook that difference between an individual and a population.
You do as well, with your statement that those in the "pale-Gentile
bunch" are objective because they don't have any vested interests, but
those that aren't can't be becuase they do.

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