Lord Zilch (Zilch)
2 Feb 1995 21:29:10 GMT

Okay, look. My dad was of mixed "racial" heritage, 1/2 "Native
American" (a Cherokee/Shawnee mix, for the intensely curious),
1/16 "African-American" (by family tradition from a fugitive)
and the rest the "typical" Scots-Irish of the West Virginia hills.

My mother is of Northern European extraction, mainly English on
her mother's side and German on her fathers. (Making her truly
Anglo-Saxon, I presume!)

I consistently test out as of "above-average" IQ: the lowest score
was 137. MUST one do a protracted investigation into the supposed
eugenic "reasons" for this? It'd be far simpler to note that
I was a small frail boy who sat inside reading while my sturdier
contemporaries (in that neighborhood White and Jewish!) were busy
playing football (and looking to beat me up).

I just don't get it. What in the hell are you Bell Curvers basing
your fatuities on? I remember an applicable quote (tho not it's
source): "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and
STATISTICS." (Emphasis mine.) So go jump in a lake, willya? CHEEZ.

Oh, and I have a question: why are y'all (presumably a pale-Gentile
bunch) so goddamn happy about a "theory" stating that ASIANS AND
JEWS are your intellectual superiors? I can't really imagine a post-
Superbowl crowd gleefully chanting "We're Number THREE! We're Number

If you're out to prove you're (relatively?) "not too bright" please
consider you've done so quite conclusively. Now shut the hell up!

DAVID, White-Nigger-At-Large

More wisdom from: |"I beseech you, don't leave me in this position, waiting
DAVID | to be a judge. If there were no judges, what would
1963 - 1963 | become of us, but what if there were no thieves?"