Lord Zilch (Zilch)
4 Feb 1995 22:36:42 GMT

Ian T Brown ( wrote:
: Either you missed something, or I'm seeing something that's not there.
: You said statistics are lies. He said IQ tests are based on statistics,
: so if statistics are lies, then IQ tests are inherently faulty. Your
: answer doesn't adress his point. The question is: are statistics (and
: therefore IQ tests) unreliable, or not?

Oh, I _didn't_ address his point? 'scuze me, must be all those unspent
spermatozoa sloshing around in my cerebral ventricles! Anyway, what I
was getting at was that (although I prefer to let the New York Times
handle the statistical end of everything!) IQ tests are a cute little
GAME, one I use mainly for impressing those who profess an interest in
the "social sciences." As another poster in this thread pointed out there
must be at least one UltraMensan who doesn't know diddley. Leave it to
a coupla bourgeois whiteguys with advanced degrees to propose basing
social/governmental policy on that crap!

So yes, IQ tests _are_ "inherently faulty" at least as far as their
"larger meaning" is concerned. All a high IQ proves is adeptness at
taking IQ tests! I hope this answers your question as it's the best
I can do.
: >My response: HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, but if you mean to debate me you'd
: >better dust off your thinking cap first. I SAID (implicitly in my
: >first post on this subject, explicitly a few lines ago) that IQ _does_
: >measure _something_, but that correlating that "something" with skin
: >color is really one helluva stretch. And quite ILLOGICAL to boot.
: >
: OK, explain this to me. If, say, Asians consistantly score higher than,
: say, whites, and Asians have average higher scores, why is it illogical
: to say there is a CORRELATION? I can see that the numbers are
: statistically not very significant and don't show CAUSATION, but when A
: accompanies B, I always thought that was called a correlation.

Okay, look. I've noticed a (negative?) CORRELATION between my libido and
the regularity of my bowel movements. As another word for "correlation" is
"COINCIDENCE," until somebody can _prove_ Ex-lax to be an effective
aphrodisiac I'll continue this subject as "an act of God." And nothing else.

: [David explaining that he's taken IQ tests many times and he's really
: smart, but the only reason he does anymore is to pick up on "SMART" babes
: with nice boobs.]

I suppose I'd do that for money as well but as yet nobody's offered any.

: I don't know what my IQ is, so I can't comment.

Does it _really_ matter?

NEXT! This is fun.