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10 Feb 1995 16:30:36 GMT

In <3hes96$> (Ian T Brown) writes:

>Dave, maybe this is going to come as a shock to you, but the argument
>that there is a correlation between IQ and race is not incompatible with
>the argument that it doesn't matter. Most of those who support the idea
>that there is a correlation between IQ and race support the idea that it
>doesn't really matter and it's kind of silly to get worked up over the
>thing. For the most part, they recognize both that IQ isn't really
>important, and that variations in populations render group averages
>moot. It's just kinda silly when people argue that The Bell Curve the
>manifestation of 1990s Nazism.

How very relaxed of you. I recall my mother saying that some of her
European cousins had the same relaxed opinion about some upstart named
Hitler. We're not sure, now, which mass grave they're buried in over