Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

12 Feb 1995 01:45:59 GMT

There is also a correlation between IQ and homosexuality.
Homosexuals tend to be more creative then heterosexuals
and IQ does measure ones creative ability.

Perhaps the Greeks and Romans were so smart because
they were gay.
Like Les-bo islanders, and Spartans were really into

Ones I can think of right now are, Walt Whitman, Columbus,
King Alexander, even some NAZI officers had "Boys".

When it comes to European artists, there are tons of them.

Some say homosexuals are so creative because they have
to release their repressed angst in some creative way.

Asians on the other hand, score high on IQ, not
because of their creative ability, but because
they are just good test takers.

In my opinion, Whites are more creative than Asians,
but Asians have stronger work ethics than whites.

I can't sight the source for this info, since this
is just my opinion, but if I had
to make an empirical inference, it makes sence.