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3 Feb 1995 19:25:36 GMT

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Bob Casanova <> wrote:
>>Your tone (especially in the rest of your post, which I have deleted)
>>belies your feigned objectivity- you clearly have an emotional
>>attachment to the idea of race. And I think you need to support your
>>arguments by telling us just what you feel is so valuable about
>>this concept. Never mind the stale rhetoric about "the truth";
>>there are always choices to be made about the categories we use to
>>help us understand reality. What's so great about the category "race"?
>Why not ask the US gov't, which made race the basis of a significant amount of

Can you quote the post in which I defended the government's system of
"racial" classification? Hint: You won't find one, because I don't
support it. So, why address this question to me?

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