Gordon Fitch (
6 Feb 1995 07:56:26 -0500 (Stephen Lajoie) writes:
| >Again, out of context. Why are the pale gentiles trying to put the Asians
| >on top of things? Maybe because they know that it doesn't matter! (J Lopez):
| Maybe because the Asians only constitute about 3% of the American
| population, and tend to be politically muted. Maybe if they constituted 12%
| and were politically activist, the pale gentiles wouldn't be so keen on
| romanticizing Asians.
| ...

Only a few generations ago we had the Yellow Peril.

However, in America we have two hyperethnicities, the White
and the Black. Various ethnic groups are construed as one
or the other, sometimes as both as in the case of Hispanics.
People from China and India who come to America tend to have
or be able to get money and educations, which are deemed
"White" attributes, so they are almost always construed to be
"White." Hence, putting Asians "on top" of things doesn't
disturb the desired picture, at least not (as you note) if
their numbers remain small.

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