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6 Feb 1995 07:27:43 -0500

In <> (Stephen Lajoie) writes:

>Again, out of context. Why are the pale gentiles trying to put the Asians
>on top of things? Maybe because they know that it doesn't matter!

Maybe because the Asians only constitute about 3% of the American
population, and tend to be politically muted. Maybe if they constituted 12%
and were politically activist, the pale gentiles wouldn't be so keen on
romanticizing Asians.

Remember, the pale gentiles used to have all sorts of nice things to say
about the "gentle, happy, Negro" before Afams started demanding equality
and nonsense like that.

Of course, according to H&M, that was before the laws got all complicated
and confusing to our tiny African brains, so maybe we *were* gentler and
happier back then...

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