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Wed, 11 Dec 1996 11:13:35 -0500

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> But because he faces enormous opposition, Conrad's model leaves very
> LITTLE room for criticism. In fact, I'd say almost none. The model needs
> to support a mind but relies on tenuous links and threads. THIS leads to
> some serious paranoia, and a world which I don't envy in the least.
> Problem is, Ed has made some of his threads pretty sticky. There's no
> doubt that he is completely stuck in his web...but I fear for others,
> especially impressionable others.
> Constructed worldviews are fine, but Ed's is outstandingly uncritical and
> largely paranoid. Unfortunately, he shows serious interest in propagating
> his worldview, quite readily seized an opportunity when it appeared,
> and shot out a sticky pseudopod to the nearest and easiest target. If
> such blatantly manipulative behavior persists, I say we take action to get
> him removed, somehow, from these groups. We don't need someone with the
> massive authority of "science" posting things like this to high school
> kids...
> Ryan Brown
> UNC-Chapel Hill

I think you are going a little far here. I don't think we need to
reorganize USENET just because a pinhead with some pretty rocks in his
back yard has learned how to type. I didn't see Ed's wonderfully written
and thoroughly eloquent post, as I have put him on my newsreader's list
of people whom I don't receive, but I got to imagine, that even an 8 year
old (possibly even my three year old) could figure out he's a loon. I
don't think we have anything to fear from an obviously bright and learned
15 year old reading his posts.


Noel Dickover