Questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the new world
11 Dec 1996 16:21:04 GMT

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>Tuohy <> wrote:

>> >Colleen, I challange you to find one reputable source that states that
>> >homo-sapians-sapians ever did not eat meat.

To newcomers: I am not talking about dirt poor peasants, I am talking
about what I consider a mythical time; "before we learned to throw stones"

I am willing to acknowledge the slim possibility that somewhere in our
past a vaguely upright creature was a vegetarian, but given the info
I have gleaned over the years, I find it highly unlikely that something
that most people would agree was a human was a vegetarian as a species.

>> My history teacher,the book was called "Man though the Ages",I had it
>> last year,10th grade that is,in world history.

>> Colleen

>Ah, those history books!
>Did you read about the great Sir Francis Drake, or
>about Francis Drake the Pirate?

So far so good...

>And have they decided yet whether or not to
>stop teaching the well-known falsehood that Native Americans came from Siberia
>over the "land bridge" ? And are they still teaching that horses were imported
>to America by the Europeans...?

Urk! I haven't heard even a hint that either of these is seriously
challenged in professional anthropology circles.
I emailed a copy of this the first time I tryed to post, in return
John made mention of the LaBria Tar Pits and what sounded like a Thor
Hyerdahl influenced theory that included looking at similarities between
early American writing and hyroglyphics from the middle east from
500-1000BC, as well as physical similarities between Polynesians and
american Indians.


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