Re: ED'S HISTORICAL OVERHAUL (Chapter II: Columbus' journey)

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Thu, 12 Dec 1996 00:01:36 GMT

On 11 Dec 1996, Ed Conrad wrote:

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> >> Just out of did you find all this out? Where did Columbus
> >> come from if it wasn't Italy?
> >Christopher Columbus came from Genoa.
> >Regards,
> >Roh
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> Julia:
> Roh, Roh, Roh Your Boat is only partially correct because he has
> supplied you with only half an answer.
> Christopher Colon, more intimately known as ``Columbo," DID live in
Christopher Colon? Which language would that be?
And Columbo?

If you trying to show off your Spanish, may I suggest "Cristobal Colon"?
And if you are trying to show off your Italian, may I suggest "Cristoforo

> Genoa for a spell, but that only means that's where he came from
> before he packed his bags to go somewhere else.
> But if you're asking where he was BORN, that's a horse of a different
> fire department.
> ``Columbo" -- the Latin word for (homing) pigeon -- actually was born

Only in the dative and ablative singular.
When you give a Latin substantive you give both nominative and genitive
singular, thus indicating to which declension it belongs.

> in the Alps righ across the border of what is now northern Italy,

Yeah? Got any proof? What's his real name? Marcel Dupont? Karl Schmidt?
Matej Bevc?
You probably would find it pretty unusual that a great navigator would
not come from a coastal city. But maybe he had ample experience on the
Lake Geneva, or maybe the Bodensee.

> except for the fact that Italy -- as a country -- didn't even exist
> back then.

It depends what you mean by a country. It didn't exist as a unified political
entity, although the Italian nation had been around for a while.