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>> But because he faces enormous opposition, Conrad's model leaves very
>> LITTLE room for criticism. In fact, I'd say almost none. The model needs
>> to support a mind but relies on tenuous links and threads. THIS leads to
>> some serious paranoia, and a world which I don't envy in the least.
>> Problem is, Ed has made some of his threads pretty sticky. There's no
>> doubt that he is completely stuck in his web...but I fear for others,
>> especially impressionable others.
>> Constructed worldviews are fine, but Ed's is outstandingly uncritical and
>> largely paranoid. Unfortunately, he shows serious interest in propagating
>> his worldview, quite readily seized an opportunity when it appeared,
>> and shot out a sticky pseudopod to the nearest and easiest target. If
>> such blatantly manipulative behavior persists, I say we take action to get
>> him removed, somehow, from these groups. We don't need someone with the
>> massive authority of "science" posting things like this to high school
>> kids...
>> Ryan Brown
>> UNC-Chapel Hill
>I think you are going a little far here. I don't think we need to
>reorganize USENET just because a pinhead with some pretty rocks in his
>back yard has learned how to type. I didn't see Ed's wonderfully written
>and thoroughly eloquent post, as I have put him on my newsreader's list
>of people whom I don't receive, but I got to imagine, that even an 8 year
>old (possibly even my three year old) could figure out he's a loon. I
>don't think we have anything to fear from an obviously bright and learned
>15 year old reading his posts.
>Noel Dickover

I'm new to this newsgroup, but have read many of Mr Conrad's posts and
remain skeptical of his theories.

However, just suppose that he did find those bones where he said he did.
What would be the explanation? What theory would you come up with to
explain such a find if you made it?

It seems to me, however, that such a find does not overturn
anthropological theories and evolution; frankly, it seems that such an
anomalous find would equally plausibly be evidence for an anomalous
event such as time travel or alien occupation . . .


Martin Thompson

Martin Thompson
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