Re: Life Duty and Death

Barry DeCicco (
20 Aug 1995 15:44:36 GMT

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|> > Silly me, I thought we were all Homo sapiens! I didn't realize that the
|> > different races were actually different SPECIES! Where have I been all
|> The last homonid group that was a different species from us were the
|> Neanderthals. Some of their characteristics may still be with endo-
|> european people, but in general we didn't interbreed. This month's
|> Discover magazine has a good article about this.

This month's discover magazine had a bad article about this.
Note that they mention the idea of comptetition between Cro Magnons
and Neanderthals (that two species shouldn't occupy the same niche(s)
in the same area for too long, because one would out-compete the other),
and then go into this long tangent about how the two species seemed lived for
25,000 to 50,000 years in the Israel/Lebanon area, but didn't
(apparently) interbreed. They conclude that each regarded the other as
non-human, and thus could peacefully coexist, in the same area, with the
same technology, for this time period, and totally forget to deal with
the same comptetition issue they mentioned earlier.