Life Duty and Death

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
18 Aug 1995 06:26:06 GMT

It is amazing how mony shallow minded people -and superficial
"thinkers" - are involved in one or more branches of
environmentalism. For inststance, many are quick to voice their
anti-racist attitudes. Do they not understand the building blocks
of the Natural world are cast from "racism," or specie(ism) as it
should be called. specieism is not only a Natural law but the First
Law of Nature. Specieism is the Beginning and the End -the Purpose
and Meaning of Life- ALL life, in an uncorrupted environment. The
results derived from this Natural Driving Force is the whole of our
biosphere -the "Heart and Soul" of Mother Nature herself. NOTHING
but the Natural force of -specieism- makes our biosphere work. The
only Purpose of ANY specie is its struggle to stay alive AND pass
on its genetic material for the continuation of its Kind. While
doing this, the specie fulfills other Natural "duties" as well.
These duties, in combination with duties fulfilled by all specie
brings into existence Mother Earth's very complex and exciting
biosphere, where life is short for the slow, the unable, or the
unwilling, when the time to Kill may come quickly, with the most
intelligent and stout-hearted ordinarily being the survivor.