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20 Aug 1995 23:08:09 -0400

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>The last homonid group that was a different species from us were the
>Neanderthals. Some of their characteristics may still be with endo-
>european people, but in general we didn't interbreed. This month's
>Discover magazine has a good article about this.

This is something that is still majorly in contention. I wonder if the
anthopological community will ever make up it's mind on this. So wouldn't
this put Homo Habilis as the last hominid group of a different species.
Something to think about, If we didn't interbreed, why are there still
physical traits around today that are very common in Homo Sapeins
Neandertalensis, but not Homo Sapiens? One question: does this newsgroup
(sci.anthropology) cover aspects of cultural anthropology or is this just
physical anthropology or both?

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