Re: sci.anthro ???

J. Moore (
Sun, 20 Aug 95 09:46:00 -0500

Ju> As a non-anthropologist and very new user of the Internet, I was not
Ju> really sure what to expect from newsgroups like this. My study and work
Ju> experience in academia leads me to pose a Devil's advocate sort of
Ju> question here: is it possible that the people with the most important
Ju> things to say in academic fields are still saying them primarily in
Ju> journals, and that internet user groups are actually dominated by
Ju> students of these disciplines or "amateur" interested parties?

Not exactly a radical notion there... ;-) Certainly this, as well
as most newsgroups having to do with humans and/or evolution, are
mostly populated by grad students and amateurs with various levels
of expertise, ranging from quite professional to really naive, and
of course with a generous sprinkling of loonies. The loonies
tend to drive out any pros who might otherwise be interested.

Jim Moore (

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