Re: Marijuana use in Africa?

Ian Samson (
7 Apr 1995 13:18:47 GMT (the End) wrote:
> A heavy bias towards prevailing American cultural standards is apparent
> in your statements. Use and abuse are only cultural definitions in the
> sense that both involve the same activity. Only the predominant preception
> of the culture is different.
> The need for community and ritual is a major aspect in the western adolescent
> "use" of marijuana, as your background research should quickly reveal.
> Jim
> J. Graham
> Biology Department

While the "weed" has been used by people in SA for centuries,
it is regarded in medical circles as being of the best quality
in the world - Transkei Gold, Durban Poison, Malawian Gold, are
just a few. The authorities in SA regard the "weed" with great
suspicion despite case studies and relentlessly go about destroying
it at every opportunity.

I cannot venture an opinion based on "culture", but I do know that
marijuana is liked by those who use it, and hated by most other people.
We live in a very intolerant society.

In South Africa, Canabis is referred to as "dagga" (very gutteral g's
as if clearing the throat) and there is a decided stigma attached
to the word, not to mention the stigma attached to its fragrance!

(This is all my opinion, and must not be regarded as anything official)