Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

John Otteson (
7 Apr 1995 17:50:16 GMT

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|> ...several layers of mutual attributions deleted to prevent
|> stagnation
|> Of course whites gain by eliminating quotas (which is
|> probably true), and that they have a selfish interest in
|> eliminating them (which is also true); nevertheless quotas are
|> discrimination. The civil rights laws were not supposed to
|> lead to quotas, and they were meant as short term stopgaps.
|> Many members of minority groups can earn respect through hard
|> work and actual accomplishment. They don't need quotas and
|> they certainly don't need sympathy from a little guy like me.

I didn't realize we were talking about quotas. My point is that
there are advantages to whiteness in our culture; advantages that
white people are often oblivious to. You simply cannot have 400
years of systematic oppression of blacks by whites, without there
being *some* benefits to white people. There have also been
severe penalties put on Blacks; penalties they continue to fight
to get out from under. Penalties that whites would deign