Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

John Otteson (
7 Apr 1995 17:31:36 GMT

In article <3m27kf$>, (Donald Edwards) writes:
|> John Otteson ( wrote:
|> "In article <3lvttm$>, (Donald Edwards) writes:
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|> "|> If a criminal, specifically Jesse James, robs one of the two banks
|> "|> in town and kills the owner, that clearly improves business prospects
|> "|> for the other bank.
|> "|>
|> "|> Should the owner of the second bank be fined, even though he had
|> "|> absolutely no part in the robbery, solely on the basis that he
|> "|> benefitted?
|> "|>
|> "The bank robbery is one incident. White racism is 400 years of systematic
|> "oppression. The analogy is not valid.
|> In what way is it not valid? In each case we have totally innocent
|> individuals benefitting from the wrongdoings of others.

Racism is not just economic and it is not an instance in the past. Racism
is very much alive today, and "totally innocent" people are suffering it.
Your use of "two bankers" implies a pre-crime equality and also an amount
of economic power.

The point *I* was trying to make, when you inserted yourself into the
conversation, was that there are great(!!) benefits to being white in this
this culture. What is *your* point? Do you think it would be fair to
ignore any advantages to whiteness and to pretend that they are not