Marijuana use in Africa?

5 Apr 1995 17:59:36 -0600

/A heavy bias towards prevailing American cultural standards is apparent
/in your statements. Use and abuse are only cultural definitions in the
/sense that both involve the same activity. Only the predominant preception
/of the culture is different.

I don't understand if you are saying I am biased against American culture
or am stuck in my American view and therefore biased against other
cultures. I think there is a difference between"use" and "abuse",
despite the fact that these particular words have
proven to be quite limiting, and misleading as pertains to what I was
saying. Someone who ingests peyote to seek guidance and direction for
their life is to me not the same as someone who does so with
anti-societal or "party" type intentions. I'm not saying one
approach is necessarily better than the other, only that they
are different. I chose these words because I thought that their
common (though rather clinical) use in our language would get my meaning
across more generally and clearly.