Re: Marijuana use in Africa?

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7 Apr 1995 17:28:32 GMT

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>Cracchiolo) wrote:

>> I suggest substituting the terms 'ritual' or 'religious' use vs.
>> recreational use. More objective since it describes behavior and
>> motivation without passing judgement.

>My experience in many places in Africa is that people smoke ganja for the
>same reason Westerners smoke it -- to get ripped and do silly things and
>laugh a lot. It's condescendingly romantic to ascribe lots of spiritual
>dimensions to it.

Interesting, my experience in many places in America is that people
smoke ganja in many cases for the reasons you consider "condescendingly
romantic" rather than to "do silly things" and "laugh a lot", which
are in fact not mutually exclusive in practice, both here and
in other parts of the world.

J. E. Graham
Biology and Chemistry Departments