Re: Half Human?
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 16:15:36 -0400

> It's quite possible that such unions have produced offspring.
> However, among the range of other probable difficulties, it's
> unlikely that the infant would be able to hold on in the ventral
> position so, in the wild, the chimp mother would not be able to
> nuture it for long. But I would not be surprised to hear of
> such a creature being born and raised in a zoo.
> Paul.

Re Essono: Quelque Homme!
A. I call into question your remark about a half human ape infant
not being able to grip its mother's fur strongly enough: I read
somewhere that human infants grip more strongly than chimpanzees for the
first week or so after birth: I have no experience of animals, but after
putting fingers, and in one case a tie, too close to new people I can
verify that those micro-people have a very strong grip.
B. Maybe this thread should now move to