Re: Caucasian remains in Oregon

Phillip Bigelow (
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 17:23:30 -0700

Wilson Lynn wrote:
> Did anyone hear about the find in Oregon of a 9,000 year old Caucasian
> skeleton. The news was broadcst on CBC National News on Oct. 13. Apparently
> there is controvery brewing re Native issues. I only caught the tail end of
> this item!

There was some 9000 year old human remains found in Washington State
(not Oregon). The tribal nations are sueing to have the remains
A group of archaeologists and one U.S. senator (Slade Gordon (R))
are petitioning to have the material studied first, and then
handed back over to the tribal nations.
The news report stated that someone thought that the morphology
of the skeleton possed certain (a few) caucasoid features.
I know of NO reports that claimed that the remains ARE caucasian.