Re: Speciation - how do you know?

Paul Crowley (
Sat, 12 Oct 96 19:50:17 GMT

In article <> "Brent Ermlick" writes:

> What other sources of food would be available in the middle of
> the winter in the middle of a glacial period? [..]

My working hypothesis is that in the winter they lived mostly on
shellfish; that the populations resided almost entirely in coastal
regions (which are now nearly all ~100-200 metres under the sea)
and that only stray groups moved inland to the sites where they
have been found. We do know that shellfish were part of Neanderthal
diet as extensive shell middens are found in Italy where the land
has been geologically raised.

> The conditions were at least as bad as the conditions in the polar
> regions that Eskimoes currently inhabit.

That isn't possible; you're exaggerating grossly. Eskimoes have
far superior technology and culture. The ice cover was normally
much greater than today. Much of Northern Europe would have been
uninhabitable most of the time. But the Gulf Stream would have
been warming coastal areas; and they had fire.

> Long distance migrations to arctic oyster beds from central Europe
> isn't very likely either.

The "migrations" would probably have been occasional Summer journeys
from coastal bases.