Re: Phyical Anthro Lab

18 Oct 1995 02:36:19 GMT

In article <45u257$>, (Adam K. Kirchhoff) writes:
> I need help. I'm currently a student taking Intro to Physical
>Anthropology. Because I'm an Anthro major I am also taking the lab. One
>of the requirements for the lab is an individual project of our choosing.
>Our Professor has given us some suggestions, and I'm looking for some
>more. I have a couple of weeks to decide still so there's no rush. The
>only requirement is that it must deal with Physical Anthropology, as
>compared to Cultural, Linguistics, and Archaeology. Most of the students
>will probably be doing one of his suggestions and I want to do something
>unique, so if someone could post suggestions or, preferably, e-mail them
>to me I would appreciate it.
> As examples, I'll list some of the suggestions he gave:

Well, those all sound like good suggestions, but I guess you're not impressed.
Fortunately for you, Physical Anthro is a pretty diverse field. My
students (I teach a lab) don't have projects to do, but do have occasional
papers (make-up for missed labs). I always tell them first to pick a topic
that interests them. That way, they'll not only be getting the assignment
done, they'll be learning something and enjoying it as well. Look through
your textbook as the various topics covered. The average Phys Anth intro
text has sections on genetics, primatology, evolution, fossil hominids,
human variation, to name a few. Just about any aspect of human biology or human
origins can fit in here. Surely there must be something there that would
interest you. Once you find a topic of interest, if you can't think
of anything specific to do, ask your teacher to suggest something you could do
in this area.
I could give you more specific topics, I guess, but I think it is
important to first identify where your interests lie. That will make for
a much better outcome.
Good luck!