Re: The Shifting AAT

chris brochu (
18 Oct 1995 16:36:22 GMT

In article <> J. Moore, writes:
> Is there any reason not to believe that this
>Ja> is at least possible? If you want to be pedantic anyone who has a bath
>Ja> regularly is a semi-aquatic ape!

>From a philosophical standpoint, virtually anything is possible. Suppose
I were to claim that Benjamin Disraeli had a portrait of Queen Victoria
tattooed to his rear end. You must concede - it's possible! And,
furthermore, You Can't Prove I'm Wrong, either.

What we want are hypotheses that could, in principle, be proved wrong if
the right kinds of evidence came to light. So far, AAS has very few such
claims, and those that existed have been falsified. In short, it is
possible that an undiscovered aquatic phase existed, but how would we
know if we were wrong?