Phyical Anthro Lab

Adam K. Kirchhoff (
16 Oct 1995 16:44:23 GMT

I need help. I'm currently a student taking Intro to Physical
Anthropology. Because I'm an Anthro major I am also taking the lab. One
of the requirements for the lab is an individual project of our choosing.
Our Professor has given us some suggestions, and I'm looking for some
more. I have a couple of weeks to decide still so there's no rush. The
only requirement is that it must deal with Physical Anthropology, as
compared to Cultural, Linguistics, and Archaeology. Most of the students
will probably be doing one of his suggestions and I want to do something
unique, so if someone could post suggestions or, preferably, e-mail them
to me I would appreciate it.
As examples, I'll list some of the suggestions he gave:

Learn about a particular bone or bony complex (examples):
Examine the bony pelvis as it is used in forensc anthro
Sex the skulls in the lab, using moder discriminant function analy.
Curate some skeletal elements in an attempt to match those bones
which came from the same individuals.

Human variation of physical traits (examples):
survey of simple genetic traits of living humans using other
class member and another sample from outside out class
anthropometric survey of living and/or skeletal materials,
preferably including some ontogenetic (developmental) materials, e.g.
growth of hand, change in body proportions with age.

Others were: analysis of perception, functional analysis of some part of
the human body, "reconstruction" of a fossil hominid from fragmentary

Once again, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Adam Kirchhoff