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J. Moore (
Mon, 16 Oct 95 18:32:00 -0500

> >> Repeatedly, lions don't hang around forests, and chimps don't hang
> >> around the plains.
> >Wrong, and wrong. Thank you for playing.
> This is the kind of stuff that irritates me since I know that
> we can get rid of this kind of useless argument.
> See below.
> >> 1)Sorry but are chimps "open country" animals?
> >Some chimps live in savannah woodlands.
> Here we go again; "savannah woodlands".

And savannah woodlands are, by definition, "around the plains".

> Check out the Cambridge Encyclopedia. There's a numbering
> scheme (already done and not by me). Along the abscissa is
> the woodedness-grassiness of the habitat, and along the ordinate
> is plotted the number of primates per unit area. It drops to
> zero for grasslands. I hope you don't have anything against
> the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution published only
> a few years ago.

Well, except to point out that humans are primates, and are found
in grasslands; the primary problem faced by the poster is in not
recognising the difference between "savannah woodland" and pure
grasslands without trees. It really should not be so difficult to
comprehend the difference.

> They don't even take into account what can be found in encylopedias.
> They ask we read journals. If we find the same shit in them, then
> it's on to more arguments using more verbiology. It's time to fess
> up guys.

I confess: I only answered this because it was just so incredibly
easy to show how stupid the posted is.

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