Chimps and predators

J. Moore (
Thu, 12 Oct 95 22:11:00 -0500

HMH> > And since, as others have pointed out repeatedly, chimps _do_
HMH> >share habitat with lions, they obviously _can_ deal with them.

HMH> Repeatedly, lions don't hang around forests, and chimps don't hang
HMH> around the plains.

Wrong, and wrong. Thank you for playing.

HMH> (J. Moore) writes:
HMH> >Anyone who knows that chimpanzees handle land-based predators
HMH> >through intimidation and threat displays, and that they actually

HMH> I must admit I've never seen footages of chimps scaring off lions. But
HMH> I have seen footages of lions making mincemeat out of
HMH> baboons making threat displays. The baboons almost all disappeared as
HMH> soon as there was a charge, and one or two male baboons that didn't get
HMH> scared became dinner.

I like TV too, but there is more to life, to nature, and to
science, than TV. Remember, reading is FUNdamental.

HMH> >have less problem with predators in more open country than in
HMH> >forest, and that they have survived in spite of predation
HMH> >pressure, knows that the argument that our ancestors couldn't do

HMH> 1)Sorry but are chimps "open country" animals?

Some chimps live in savannah woodlands.

HMH> 2) "despite predation pressure" is weak. Every species that's survived
HMH> to this day has done so.

And so we see that hominids on land could do so in the same
manner as chimps do. We see no such animal (size, reproductive
rate, etc.) doing so in an aquatic environment.

HMH> 3) Did the chimps survive in the open country or forest?


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