Re: The Aquatic Adaptati€€€€€

Tue, 17 Oct 95 06:42:00 -0300

David Froehlich <> wrote:

DF> >References? Frankly I have never asked an elephant if it was
DF> emotionally disturbed. For that matter, I haven't asked any
DF> marine mammals either. How was this data collected? Who did
DF> it? What other animals did they enquire of as to their
DF> emotional state?

To which James Borrett <> replied:

JJ> The challenge here was for you to falsify the strongest argument
JJ> for AAT. I'm n ot going to help you do it too much.

While it's reasonable for you to expect David to construct his own
arguments, the same applies to you as well. The request was to
present your own strongest argument, which includes demonstrating
that the assertion you want to use (emotional "weeping" or tear-
shedding by a non-human animal) has some evidence.

It is ironic that, when asked to present some support for your own
contention, you reply that you don't intend to help with the task of
falsifying your own hypothesis. Either you and David are really
talking past one another, or this is a curious statement about the
strength of AAH. :) [or maybe both]

Evelyne Stalzer

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