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>> Check out the Cambridge Encyclopedia. There's a numbering
>> scheme (already done and not by me). Along the abscissa is
>> the woodedness-grassiness of the habitat, and along the ordinate
>> is plotted the number of primates per unit area. It drops to
>> zero for grasslands. I hope you don't have anything against
>> the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution published only
>> a few years ago.
>Well, except to point out that humans are primates, and are found
>in grasslands; the primary problem faced by the poster is in not
>recognising the difference between "savannah woodland" and pure
>grasslands without trees. It really should not be so difficult to
>comprehend the difference.

And also: "These baboons [Papio papio, P.anubis, P. cynocephalus, P.
ursinus, and P. hamadryas] live in woodland savannahs, grasslands, acacia
shrubs, and other open areas..."

and: "Geladas live in the treeless montaine grasslands of the Ethiopian

Fleagle, J.C. 1988. _Primate Adaptation & Evolution_. San Diego: Academic
Press, Inc. pp170 and 172 respectively.

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