Re: sex dimorphism/male dominance

Lorenzo Love (
20 Nov 1995 02:37:18 GMT

Jeremy Hill <> wrote:
>Well, first assuming that adaptations that are evolutionarily
>advantageous are passed on and hence become evolutionary trends, you
>might say that because males are selected to do the hunting (and other
>aggressive behaviors), they would be selected to have the accompanying
>features that would allow them to best do their jobs. That would
>explain for the differences in overall body size, as well as canines and
>sagittal crests.
Males are not selected (that is their genes passed on) because they
are good hunters. They are selected because they are good breeders. While
males that bring in the most meat may have an advantage in breeding, this
is minor compared to direct physical competition with other males, I.E.
fighting over the females. Also sagittal crests are a feature of plant
P.S. Doesn't the high level of sexual dimorphism (males 2X female size)
in early hominines suggest gorilla style harems?

Lorenzo Love