Re: sex dimorphism/male dominance

Philip Reno (
20 Nov 1995 21:17:23 GMT

: Males are not selected (that is their genes passed on) because they
: are good hunters. They are selected because they are good breeders. While
: males that bring in the most meat may have an advantage in breeding, this
: is minor compared to direct physical competition with other males, I.E.
: fighting over the females. Also sagittal crests are a feature of plant
: eaters.

This only works if the hominid social system was one where males
competed with each other for female access. If hominids were
monogomous then this competition would not be necessary.

: P.S. Doesn't the high level of sexual dimorphism (males 2X female size)
: in early hominines suggest gorilla style harems?
Possibly, but not necessaraly. Check out an earlier thread (I forgot
the name of it but I posted a reply to it today).

Phil Reno

: Lorenzo Love