sex dimorphism/male dominance

Vlad Selsky (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 22:51:45 EST

I'm doing a large paper on:

The universal dominance of men in the public sphere is the result of
fundamental sex differences: above all, the difference in size.

I will also discuss other theories that could explain male dominance. I am
still in the process of assembling resources.

1. Anyone have good reading suggestions? I am more interested in taking an
evolution angle...i.e., NOT about how current society perpetuates male

2. This will probably become clear from my readings...but can studying animal x
sex dimorphism (e.g, baboons) help in understanding human male dominance?

3. Any other comments welcome. I'd especially appreciate anyone who'd be
willing to occasionally help me out, or even proofread the paper (10 pages
max.) when it's completed.

Oh yeah--I'm a senior at Penn State Univesity taking an anthropology course on
evolution, but half the course also deals with cultural anthropology as well
(mainly the SSSM).

Thanks in advance.... - vlad (