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Phil Nicholls (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 22:17:20 GMT (BARD) wrote:

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>Steve Price <> wrote:
>>> I am not kidding, Mr. Phil Nicholls... This is a very serious matter...
>>When you left the first time, we asked that you have some evidence to
>>back up your claims and that you at least show some resemblence of
>>Exactly what part of that request didn't you understand?

> Steve,

[rest of post deleted]

If you are tempted to respond to BARD's last message, please stop.

If you must respond, please do so via email.

If you wish an explanation, please contact me via email

Alternatively, you can copy his post to and request
they attempt to teach him some manners.

They probably won't, but it is always worth a try.

Thank you

Thank you,

Phil Nicholls (

"To ask a question you must first know most of the answer."
- Robert Sheckley