Re: Notice to Phil Nicholls...

Steve Price (
15 Jul 1995 17:34:37 -0700

> From me indeed!


> First lesson, Mr. Nicholls, it is one thing to cast aspersion on
> my character and mental stability on your own, quite another
> to solicit confidential information about my account from a "friend"
> you have at Netcom!

Why not? We tolerate you, somewhat.
Or has your mail box been bombed with e-mail asking you to bugger off.

> You will name this person and you will do it publically!

Earth to Bard.
You are not The Ruler of The Net.

> Further, I want a public apology from both he and you or rest
> assured I will pursue appropriate action.


> Do you not understand anything about how these things work?

I'll assume that YOU assume that your wish is the world's command.

> Does not your obsession to destroy my reputation know no bounds?

Nothing to destroy.
If he said you displayed some intelligence, THEN your reputation would
be destroyed.

> How dare you solicit confidential information about my business
> dealings and than post them on the world-wide net.

You being an infantile troll is confidential information?!?
Why post any public message then?

> I tell you, Nicholls, your industrial spying on me will cease and
> will cease forthwith!

You're quite ammusing. :)

> And you will identify the person at netcom who supplied you with
> the aforementioned information about my account!

Quite ammusing.

> I am not kidding, Mr. Phil Nicholls... This is a very serious matter...

Better have a good supply of valium at the ready. When reality hits you
in the face, you're gonna need it.

> You have stepped over the line...

...and into reality, dragging your little world over it.

Do masses attract and is the sky blue in your world?

When you left the first time, we asked that you have some evidence to
back up your claims and that you at least show some resemblence of

Exactly what part of that request didn't you understand?