Notice to Phil Nicholls...

Sat, 8 Jul 1995 23:10:56 GMT

8 Jul. 1995

Mr. Nicholls,

Yesterday you sent me an email note in which you threatened to
ask all the members of sci.anthropology.paleo to not respond to
my posts.

I have not taken your threat lightly.

This upcoming Monday morning I will be in contact with your
department head at SUNY Albany. I will email him a copy of your
email note as well as the many others you have sent me over the past
few months.

In addition, my attorney will be contacting the law firm representing
SUNY Albany. Inasmuch as you are a staff member of SUNY Albany, I can
only conclude your threats are sanctioned by the University.

Thus you can expect we will be bringing suit against SUNY Albany as
well as a personal suit against you.

I regret having to take these actions but see no other recourse. I
have ignored your email in the past hoping that in time you would
cease and desist. This has not been the case.

Finally, it may be of some small interest for you to know that my
family has a long tradition in Albany. Both my father and grandfather
served with distinction under both Corning administrations.

You should also be aware that although long out of politics, my father
was incensed at what I told him is happening here and is very much
interested in meeting your department head himself.

This too may come to pass...