Reply to Holloway

Elaine Morgan (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 20:28:45 GMT

Dear Ralph,

That was incredible, and done with such grace - I am deeply grateful.
Mea culpas from this end too. I think it was Zihlman who once said that
I argued for AAT more like a lawyer than a scientist. You are saying
something on the same lines and it is partly true. From where I stood
it seemed necessary to turn up the volume in that way to get a hearing,
because I saw what happened to Hardy. Le Gros Clark rang him up and
said: "Never do that again!" So he held his tongue. There is a video
film of him in his last year saying in effect "Eppur si muove"..But he
never got an answer. He just got forgiven

I wanted an answer. So as well as arguing the case I was fighting at
the same time for a locus standi, which I feel you have now granted me.
That transforms everything.

It will take me some time to digest and comment on what you have said,
Like you I don't think I have got it all wrong. But I won't be sending
any smart-arse answers.

Thank you.