Re: Notice to Phil Nicholls...

Sun, 9 Jul 1995 15:15:33 GMT

In article <3tonpk$>,
Phil Nicholls <> wrote:
> (BARD) wrote:
>> 8 Jul. 1995
>> Mr. Nicholls,
>> This upcoming Monday morning I will be in contact with your
>> department head at SUNY Albany. I will email him a copy of your
>> email note as well as the many others you have sent me over the past
>> few months.
>To all sci.anthropology.paleo and sci.anthropolgy readers:
>Please not NOT respond publically to this message. Respond via email
>or mail a copy of this message to


Why are you telling people to not respond to my posts?!

Why are you telling people to send messages to my

What the hell is wrong with you, man?

>Thank you,
>Phil Nicholls "To ask a question you must first
> know most of the answer.
>Semper Alouatta! - Robert Sheckley

Ah, so you're no longer affiliated with SUNY Albany, is that

Still, we cannot help wondering about your mental stability...

To post such an edict -- to a group of scientists no less --
speaks volumes of your off-center view of the world.

You really do have a lot to learn, Mr. Nicholls.

You are, of course, making a complete ass of yourself; something
a person with your academic aspirations would be better off
not doing (at least so publically).

What I'm saying is, although the stupidity of your youth prevents you
from seeing it, there is really no way you can emerge from our
little tete-a-tete without getting egg on your stupid face.

As a teacher, you stand before a classroom of vast numbers of students,
for Pete's sake.

Doesn't it concern you that many of them are on the net and may
be following this thread?

Believe me, if you continue I'll make you look like such a fool
none of your colleagues will have any respect for (if any of them
still do).

Need I point out to you that many of this group are quite distinguished
in your field?

How do you like the prospect of appearing before such a group to
deliver a paper when all of a sudden everyone starts snicking upon
hearing your name?

I repeat...

Stop trying to censor me...