Re: Question on skull structure.

Alex Duncan (
9 Jul 1995 18:38:24 GMT

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>>> I have also checked many cau. of european desent and found the
>>>indention is much more pronounced. Could this be a leftover of the
>>>protruding frontal lobe of H. Neandertal? This is just a casual
>>>observation and by no means scientific.
>>By no means well informed, either.
>If all you plan to respond with is sarcasm and criticism then why respond
>at all?
>As for the X-ray remark, no. I use my own two eyes and it's not hard to
>see things that are, literally, as plain as the nose on your face.
>As much as I hate to respond with vulgarity, "Don't be such an ASSHOLE".

Yes, I was being an asshole, and I apologize. Please see a previous
apology as well. A tremendous aggression seems to overcome me on the
net. I am trying to curb it with rubber bands and electricity.
My response was meant to point out that the frontal LOBE is part of
the brain, and as such, an "indentation" between the frontal lobe and the
bridge of nose would not be visible. However, you obviously meant the
brow or frontal BONE, and I was an asshole to read you literally.
As far as Neandertals go, there is no good evidence that they
contributed anything to the modern human genome, and thus any
similarities between us and neandertals are probably either retained
primitive features or convergences.
By "frontal lobe", do you mean brow ridge?
At any rate, I certainly defer to Dr. Holloway's information here.
And, again, I apologize.

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