Re: Neanderthal "voice boxes"?

Al Curtis (
Sun, 05 Jan 1997 16:11:45 GMT

Michael Plant <> wrote:

>Recently I have regained access to the internet after a long absence.
>I have also been given a (rather badly written) monograph called
>"The Great Debate", a creationist reader for ESL students. At any rate,
>in both the monograph and at some creationist sites there is mention of
>recent finds of well preserved Neanderthal remains with intact voice boxes
>"proving" that they were capable of speech. The monograph even cites a
>Scientific American article (of course, without giving author, volume, or
>publication date).

I have not read this in "print" anywhere either, but here is an
excerpt from another message posted earlier today (1/5) by John A.
Halloran (
>There have been reports that palaeontologists found in a Neanderthal skeleton
>in Israel a rarely-preserved hyoid or tongue bone which indicated that
>Neanderthal could have produced human vocalizations.

Perhaps he has more information regarding this find.