Neanderthal "voice boxes"?

Michael Plant (
5 Jan 1997 13:04:55 GMT

Recently I have regained access to the internet after a long absence.
I have also been given a (rather badly written) monograph called
"The Great Debate", a creationist reader for ESL students. At any rate,
in both the monograph and at some creationist sites there is mention of
recent finds of well preserved Neanderthal remains with intact voice boxes
"proving" that they were capable of speech. The monograph even cites a
Scientific American article (of course, without giving author, volume, or
publication date).

I haven't been "out of the loop" that long; perhaps a year. I certainly
have never heard of any finds like this and am very skeptical but intrigued.
Does anyone on the list know anything about this?


Michael Plant