Re: Neanderthal "voice boxes"?

Gerrit Hanenburg (
Mon, 06 Jan 1997 17:43:19 GMT

Phillip Bigelow <> wrote:

>I (or someone else here) can provide the complete reference
>for the neanderthalis hyal bone described in _Nature_. Unfortunately,
>I am away from my library, and don't have the ref. here with me.

The reference is: Arensburg,B., Tillier,A.M.,Vandermeersch,B.,
Duday,H., Schepartz,L.A. and Rak,Y. (1989). A middle palaeolithic
human hyoid bone. Nature 338:758-760.

In Aiello and Dean's "An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy"
it is described as "entirely modern-human like" as far as morphology
is concerned (p.243).
There is an actual size photograph on page 107 in Johanson,D.C. and
Edgar,B.(1996). From Lucy to Language. Simon and Schuster Editions.