Re: Civilization and Evolution

T&B Schmal (
Fri, 09 Aug 1996 21:35:12 +0000

> Turbo17930 wrote:
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> > Civilization... will eventually result in Man's disappearance from
> > earth. Example? Resource use. Only a blind fool fails to recognize
> > that humanity is consuming the finite resourses available to us.

Don't get too wrapped up in cliches. Let's look into a future where
instead of 1% of the earth's population starving to death, 5% do. Maybe
for a few years 10% do. Maybe half of the earth's population dies of
starvation. Eventually we will get down to that match of resources and
people that gets us back to that happy 1%. I don't think anyone can show
that the number will go all the way to zero simply from resource usage.

In four dynasties in China the population soared to close to a billion,
then would drop to half that but at no time did the population drop to

I think you are looking at resources in the wrong way. Yes, there is a
finite anount of ariable land. When it is all being used population
growth stops but that doesn't mean the end of mankind.

Tom Schmal
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