Re: Civilization and Evolution

Angus Mann (
12 Aug 96 22:09:23 +1000

On 04-Aug-96 11:29:22 Turbo17930 <> wrote:

>"Civilization", as commonly understood, is a negative evolutionary trait.
>Specifically, I mean that the modern world of man is a recessionary
>trait, and will eventually result in Man's disappearance from earth.

>Example? Resource use. Only a blind fool fails to recognize that humanity
>consuming the finite resourses available to us. What then?

So you're saying that the minute our ancesors picked up a stone, and made it
into a tool, they were laying the foundations for our downfall? Or that early
metalurgists were doing the same? Surely it is *through* our use of natural
resources that we are allowing for greater evolution? How else could we support
a growing population? Without our use of resources to support the population,
there wouldn't be any possibility of evolution...

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