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>The christian bible, according to authors Leo Panakal and Vinodh
>Kumar, is nothing less than a malignant fraud that went undetected
>for two thousand years.

They should have looked around Lake Turkana...

>The bible comprises the self-expression of Lucifer, the fallen
>rebel archangel and devil supreme, who affects himself in it as
>the christian god, a conscious parody of Easwara of the Sanskrit

Well, so long as they didn't fling dung on it....

>By analytically assessing the actual worth of the bible book, the
>authors free mankind from the fetters of guilt, or sin, instituted
>by christianity.

Was the placement of the foramen magnum determined?

>A cathartic and closely-reasoned work, "The Key to the bible",
>together with its peer "The Judgement on christianity", will leave
>christians aghast over the enormous fraud of their scripture, a
>fraud conceived by Lucifer, initiated by jehovah-god, and
>finalised by jesus as the alter ego of Lucifer.

Is Lucifer a related species to Lucy?


>Vinodh Kumar

So when is this group going to be moderated?

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