Re: apes and men

Robert A. Fournier (
31 Jul 1996 20:54:53 GMT

Cheradenine Zakalwe <> wrote in article
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> >Is it possiable for a man and a ape have an offspring ?
> I doubt if it would be possible to find out, short of actually
> performing such an experiment. The experiment would be considered very
> unethical, so if it has been done, the people involved aren't going to
> tell everyone.
> > If yes has it
> >ever been done and what was the offspring like ?
> I imagine it would look something halfway between a chimp and a human.
> The most recent common ancestor of chimps and humans is about 6 MYA.
> What about horses and donkeys, or liones and tigers?
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> Zakalwe

While it is true that chimps and man are conceivably closely enough related
to have an offspring (albeit a sterile one) the point is made moot by the
fact that apes and man have differing number of pairs of chromosomes,
making cell division impossible. Read 'Origins Reconsidered' by Richard
Leakey, for more specific info.