Re: Jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil

31 Jul 1996 16:53:06 GMT

Elaine Morgan ( wrote:
: Vinodh Kumar <101352.2037@CompuServe.COM> wrote:

: >The christian bible, according to authors Leo Panakal and Vinodh
: >Kumar, is nothing less than a malignant fraud that went undetected
: >for two thousand years.

: For two thousand years, there has always been someone claiming that
: the Bible is a fraud. So if it were true, then "undetected for two
: thousand years" would certainly be false.

: >The bible comprises the self-expression of Lucifer, the fallen
: >rebel archangel and devil supreme, who affects himself in it as
: >the christian god, a conscious parody of Easwara of the Sanskrit
: >scriptures.

: >By analytically assessing the actual worth of the bible book, the
: >authors free mankind from the fetters of guilt, or sin, instituted
: >by christianity.

: "the fetters of guilt, or sin, instituted by christianity"????

: What about karma? Did Christianity institute that? I'm no expert,
: but it seems to me that the law of karma (that one will suffer a
: retribution for ones misdeeds, i.e. sins, and will benefit from good
: deeds) recognized 'sin' long before Christianity. But the effects of
: "bad" karma (also known as "the fetters of guilt") were supposed to be
: inescapable. Now these authors have arrived to "free mankind from the
: fetters of guilt, or sin". But isn't that what Christ already did???
: It would seem they have the whole thing backwards.

: >A cathartic and closely-reasoned work, "The Key to the bible",
: >together with its peer "The Judgement on christianity", will leave
: >christians aghast over the enormous fraud of their scripture, a
: >fraud conceived by Lucifer, initiated by jehovah-god, and
: >finalised by jesus as the alter ego of Lucifer.

: Interesting that you refuse to capitalize "Bible", "Jesus", "Jehova"
: and "Christianity", but do not fail to capitalize "Leo Panakal",
: "Vinodh Kumar" or "Lucifer".

: --- bill vanyo

These type of postings make me bless the man who invented the kill file.

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