David Gordon Hogan (Dhog) - memorial

David Hogan died suddenly, in his sleep in New Jersey on April 9th 2003, as the result of an adverse reaction to alcohol and a standard dosage of painkiller.

A memorial service was held at the Epping Presbyterian Church (Sydney, Australia) on Thursday 24th April.

David's sister Eleanor gave a moving eulogy, in tears, and his father Roger read out portions of letters written by people with whom David had worked at Bell labs.

There were over a hundred people at the service. It was a full Christian service, with a short sermon, several hymns, and prayer, but that didn't seem inappropriate despite David's doubts - and there was acknowledgment that David's searching had taken him outside Christianity.

David's ashes were interred in Sydney in a private service on 27 June. His resting place is on the crest of a hill under a gumtree, looking out towards the suburbs where he grew up, with the names of computer companies visible on the sky line.