David Hogan (dhog) - memorial

Anonymous Memories

    Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 23:50:30 -0400
    Location: email...my friend dogboy ^,,^
    From: "^,,^"
    i am heartbroken to hear of the death of that fine man.
    we were both dogs, he by fluke of name - me by fluke of nature.
    we both wore skirts, his far shorter but then he had by far the better
    legs for it.
    david represented, and will forever represent to me, everything that
    was good about goth.  He certainly recognized what was dark and confronted
    it unflinchingly, and with remarkable insight and humor.  He also saw
    what was good and delicious in life, and confronted that too with the
    same way.
    in this our dhog was the antithesis of the recent generation (now
    generations, they flag out fast) of post marilyn manson mall children.
    those pert snots who apparently miss the point entirely and believe
    that being goth means nothing more than a hairdo and nail polish 
    punctuated with endless snarling, rudeness.  hosiery and posiery.  
    i need not tell anyone who ever spent a night in the same poorly lit
    basement club as brother David that he was unflaggingly polite and
    generous, a man of unswerving dignity and, though the word would
    embarrass his native humility, a man of true compassion.
    i spent many nights in such clubs with such a man.  and i mourn his
    loss for a thousand selfish little reasons.
    he was my friend.